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Securus Video Visitation Used to Solve and Stop Crimes

Securus Video Visitation Used to Solve and Stop Crimes

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of communications and security products and services to the law enforcement industry. The company currently provides its products and services to over 1000 different locations, which ultimately serve over 1 million different inmates.


The most popular product that the company has provided is its video visitation service. The service has been enjoyed by inmates and family members due to the connectivity and convenience. While this product and service provides convenience, it also allows for each facility to potentially solve and prevent crimes.


Whenever a user of the video visitation service starts a new call they will be required to acknowledge that each call camp and will be recorded. Each recording can then be reviewed by a member of the facility. Each facility will then have the ability to focus on specific calls made between concerned parties. In many cases, there have been conversations in which sensitive information about a past or future crime is revealed. The law enforcement facility can then either pass this information on to the appropriate party or take action to prevent a future crime in the facility.


Since many facilities are already running on limited resources, Securus can also provide a monitoring service. This service and include recording and storing all call records, monitoring any sensitive calls, and reporting any suspicious activity or communication to the law-enforcement agency.