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What It Takes To Be On The Inc. 500 List

What It Takes To Be On The Inc. 500 List

For any company/business, the main goal is to provide services and to continue growing the brand in whatever industry you’re in. Unfortunately many companies won’t or can’t meet the demands of the general public and will soon have to shut down shop. The Inc. 500 List is probably what every company strives for in-terms of business. To be named to this list your company/brand has to grow on a consistent basis of three years. There are successful companies that didn’t make the cut, but this list states the premier, top 500 businesses in the country.


Congratulations to Status Labs! This company is multi-faceted in it’s business operations and is setting new standards in digital management. Status Labs focuses on public relations and marketing and has one of the largest customer base in the U.S. The company was named as 339th member to this all exclusive club with it’s with it’s 1,099% growth rate over the past three years. If you’re in need of some innovative marketing strategies and getting your brands name out to the public efficiently and effectively, Status Labs is one of the best in the business for achieving this. The company is primarily located in Austin, Texas, but has additional locations in New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil. With such positive growth rates, Status Labs is looking to continue hiring and continue growing well into the future. In present time, the company now serves well over 1,500 clients in as many as 40 countries. Building good reputations and providing solid search results is what this innovative brand does best.


Company CEO Darius Fisher has helped build a world-class client base around the world and many of their business relationships come from Fortune 500 Companies. That has to speak volumes in-term of doing business. In 2015, Mr. Fisher was also awarded the Innovation 50 Award as well as the Business Development Individual of the Year (Gold Award) in 2016. Status Labs is revolutionizing and putting it’s digital stamp firmly on the game. For anyone needing assistance in digital marketing and public relations, Status Labs should be a first consideration.

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