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Skout Releases Information On Global Friendship Trends

Skout Releases Information On Global Friendship Trends

With Valentine’s Day coming up, February 4, 2015 was International Online Friendship Day, and Skout celebrated by releasing a survey that was conducted with over 54,000 of its members, about friendship trends online. Skout, who is a major player when it comes to online friendships in social media; did a survey with many of its members, in order to find out what type of people are making friends in their online network. Skout allows those from other countries to interact with each other, and many people are taking advantage of the network. PR Newswire reports that Skout released information about who is using its social media network to communicate with others.

When it comes to global friendships, more women, compared to men, are making close friendships online. About 56% of women create friendships online, as opposed to only 44% of men who do the same. It’s also noted that the women have never met these friends in real life, but only have become close with them in an online platform. Furthermore, it’s surveyed that adults under age 30, are more likely to create friendships online, as opposed to those who are over the age of 40. The survey was close with 52% of those under the age of 30, creating friendships online, as opposed to 47% of those over the age of 40.

Funny enough, things have obviously changed, because many used to say that everyone should be aware of people online, because they are not honest. The surveys show that 60% of those who participate in online social media trends, tell the truth about their lives, compared to when they are in person with their friends. Many like to also discuss their sex life online, and this may be because it’s easier to discuss it with someone who will give their honest opinion.

Source: PR Newswire

The Busy Lives of Fashionistas

The Busy Lives of Fashionistas

While the fashion industry is certainly a glamorous one, more goes into the coming and goings of its numerous celebrities than would initially meet the eye, just ask businesswoman Susan McGalla.

With the year coming to an end, very many people are looking to make a statement to solidify 2014 and to make their everlasting mark onto the fashion industry. Chanel is sure not to be left behind at all and they have made quite a few moves that are sure to be very beneficial to them.

Fashion magazines have picked up quite a few stories in relation to Chanel and the activities that they’ve been doing. It seems that they are planning to open 5 new stores on Mayfair’s Burlington arcade and this would be a very good move in terms of market expansion.

The area has a very large market and thus they would be able to reach them far much easier since they will not to take a train just to get to a Chanel store. You can read about the particulars over at Bdaily, which will tell you when the good people of Mayfair should be expecting their new store to be open exactly.

They have really made a lot of good progress in the past two years and their expansion is a very good indication that the budget is right and so is the annual sales figure that they have had in 2014.

$72 Million Teenage Trader Made Story Up

$72 Million Teenage Trader Made Story Up
New York Magazine ran a story about a High School student, Mohammed Islam, a 17-year old online trader who had amassed $72 million dollars in gold and oil markets, during his recreational hours and school lunch breaks.

Mohammed became the gossip of the business district and the teenager was quickly dubbed the “new Wolf of Wall Street.”

New York Magazine is now apologizing for the farce.

The story came to light on Monday morning. By noon, there were many finance experts and investors who claimed Mohammed’s story could not be possible, and CNBC began to dismantle the story.

Business insider’s seriously questioned the facts and began performing simulations, thus concluding the story Mohammed had given was implausible. 

The reporter, Jessica Pressler, defends her story saying she verfied Mohammed’s bank account statements, which has eight figures.

Since, Ms. Pressler has said she didn’t always believe the story. 

Peers like Dr. Daniel Amen are calling it sloppy fact-checking.

Monday, Damir Tulemaganbetov, Mohammed Islam’s partner, noted the $72 million dollar figure is a rumor. 

“He deserves all this hype, [Mohammed]” Tulemaganbetov said, adding that beyond the hype, Mohammed is a genius.

In an interview with former MONEY columnist, Ken Kurson, Mohammed Islam admitted he made the entire story up.

Michelle Howard Wants Her Money Now

Michelle Howard Wants Her Money Now

Anyone who hasn’t been under a rock for the past few months is already anticipating the premiere of Fox’s new series “Empire” that stars Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson and a cast of talented actors hand selected to make the show a hit. The Show starts in January and many including Oprah feel that it will change the way people watch tv, however Howard’s ex wife Michelle thinks the show should change her ex husband’s bank account balance and she wants what he owes her. 

Apparently Michelle filed for a subpoena to get Terrence’s contract, she learned that he will be making $125k per episode. That’s a lot of Vimeo videos as Darius Fisher pointed out. When Michelle went to and discovered 3 episodes have already been shot she realized Howard has been sitting on $375,000 and she hasn’t gotten a call or a check yet. 

Michelle says that Terrence owes her as well as her attorneys, she also wants late fees to be covered since Howard has been dragging his feet with his payments. 

In July of this year Terrence filed documents claiming that he was dead broke and unable to make the payments, however with his new circumstances Michelle wants what she has coming and then some.

Tom Rothman: Hollywood’s Star

Tom Rothman: Hollywood’s Star

Editor’s note:

So last week during Thanksgiving, I did some binge watching of some of my favorite long-er movies. I watched Avatar first, and then watched Titantic. Other than both being awesome and very James Cameron, I noticed that both movies were produced by Tom Rothman. So that got me on Wikipedia, and here we are with some of my thoughts and research on the guy I think is one of the most important in the movie industry.

Rothman started out as an English teacher and a coach for soccer and lacrosse at the Salisbury School in Connecticut. He later became a Second Circuit Court of Appeals law clerk in New York. He graduated with Honors in English and American Literature from Brown University in 1976. He later graduated from Columbia Law School with the school’s highest academic distinction.

Rothman was recently named Chairman of a Sony Pictures’ venture that will make movies and TV shows. Before the jump to Sony, he was CEO and Chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment. He worked for them for twelve years but in January of 2013, he split from the company. This came after Fox’s most profitable ten years in the company’s history. That was also around the time Fox Filmed Entertainment became 21st Century Fox.

It was his job to oversee the largest producers and distributors of TV and movies. Some of the more known that he oversaw was 20th Century Fox Film Corp. and 20th Century Fox Television. Overall, the producers and distributors he oversaw were making over $8 Billion a year, operating in over 70 countries, and were at the forefront of the digital media revolution. With his co-chairman, Jim Gianopolous, the profit margins were the highest in the sector. In 2012, their operating profits were the best out of all the studios.

Even though Rothman was known as beings Fox’s Chairman and CEO for twelve years, according to Businessweek, he has spent more 18 years with them in total. The earlier years at Fox were spent as President, but not just of one sector. He was President of Production at 20th Century Fox, President of 20th Century Fox Film Group, and President of Fox Searchlight.

To name a few of the varied films that were made under his oversight that people will instantly know include: Descendants, Cast Away, Walk the Line, Juno, the Ice Age series, and obviously Titanic, and Avatar. During his time with Fox, their films have been nominated for over 150 Academy Awards, won 3 Oscars for Best Picture, and earned over $40 Billion in the box offices worldwide. He has three current hits on television from TCFTV: Modern Family, Glee, and Homeland. Not to mention, all four company’s major film production divisions were run by female executives.

Even more, Rothman had a successful career even before Fox. He was President of Worldwide Production at Samuel Goldwyn Company. While there, he was responsible for films like Henry V, The Wedding Banquet, and The Madness of King George. He was responsible for discovering such filmmakers as Ang Lee, Kenneth Branagh, and Anthony Mingella. Goldwyn also won Palme D’Or 3 times.

He has also earned many lifetime achievements from the IFP, which is the leading independent film organization in the world. He has also received awards from Variety, from Gotham Awards, and been named one of the smartest people in Hollywood. He’s been honored by Columbia University with the Arthur B. Krim Award.