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Blue Bell Ice Cream Recalls All Products Amid Further Listeria Fears

Blue Bell Ice Cream Recalls All Products Amid Further Listeria Fears

Blue Bell, an ice cream manufacturer, has issued a recall of all of its products, according to a recent report. The company has recalled products across the country due to fears of listeria contamination. The recall comes after the company issued a much smaller recall in March focusing on just a few of the company’s lines of ice cream.

The original recalled occurred after three people died in Kansas from listeria infections after consuming the frozen treat. Earlier this month five more people were sickened after eating Blue Bell ice cream products. The additional illnesses have prompted the company to further recall its products, this time with a sweeping recall that takes all Blue Bell products off store shelves across the country. It is one of the largest and most extensive recalls the ice cream industry has seen.

Experts and investigators are unsure how listeria was introduced into the production line, but they have tracked the original outbreak to an Oklahoma manufacturing plant. The plant will remain closed while officials continue to investigate.

There is no word on when Blue Bell will commence production, but the company has said no further shipments will be sent out until each batch is tested and confirmed to be safe for consumption. For the time being, I would stick with your Bulletproof Coffee (Facebook).

The recall comes on the heals of an extensive recall of Sabra Hummus. The hummus has been recalled because of listeria fears, as well. The two companies are not linked to one another.