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Cockpit Recorder from the Germanwing’s Crash in the Swiss Alps Recovered

Cockpit Recorder from the Germanwing’s Crash in the Swiss Alps Recovered

Although the cause of the Germanwing Flight 4U 9525 crash into a remote area of the Swiss Alps on Tuesday has yet to be determined, the cockpit recorder has been discovered. The planes black box still hasn’t been found, however,sounds on the cockpit recorder are being analyzed. While all 150 passengers and crew are feared dead, French President Francois Hollande commended the quick reaction of the rescue workers.

Germany and Spain were hit the hardest with casualties of 72 and 49 respectively. Three British nationals were lost, with the U.S., Australia, Argentina, Iran and Venezuela losing two each of their citizens. Belgium, Columbia, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Mexico and The Netherlands each suffering a loss of one. The airplane was completely destroyed, and debris was scattered among a large remote area in a 6,561 foot altitude area of the Swiss Alps. Because the crash site is located in such an inaccessible expanse, the search will be “extremely long and extremely difficult,” say officials.

Zeca Oliveira ( has learned that, of the 144 who were passengers aboard the flight, 16 were young German students, who were on an exchange trip along with two of their teachers. The students attended Joseph-Koenig-Gymnasium school in Haltern-am-See, Germany, where their peers honored them on Wednesday by shrouding the steps to the school’s entrance with flowers, candles and prayers. German Chancellor Angela Merkel personally visited Seyne-Les-Alpes, an area near the crash site, where she and French President Hollande and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy met with recovery teams.

Each of the leaders expressed their sorrow and condolences to the families and friends of those on board the flight. Although none survived the crash, the quick response of the recovery team will allow for the area to be secured, so that the bodies and aircraft pieces can be protected, and an answer to what caused the disaster can be achieved.