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Business Update and Slyce Reports 2015

Business Update and Slyce Reports 2015

Slyce has been a known player in the visual search platform for years now and has released its financial reports for the 2015 year as well as the end of the fourth quarter which ended on October 31, 2015.

The following are key customer announcements that were made:

Slyce will be partnering with SHOES.COM which has been known as the fastest online shoe retailer. This was announced on August 12th 2015. They own other leading retailers such as and The company Slyce has a visual search software for photo’s which allows the user to take a picture of a shoe on the platform and the platform will show results that are a closest match to the shoe shown in the picture. The picture can be from a magazine picture or taken from real life. This allows the customer to easily choose a shoe and then make the purchase.

The company Neiman Marcus had also used the Slyce platform which they now extended to all their product lines. The Neiman Marcus app features “Snap.Find.Shop” which is now powered exclusively by Slyce. This allows the app to take 3D pictures of any item across all channels, men’s fashion, pet accessories, children’s items, home furnishings, jewellery, handbags, shoes and women’s apparel. The app will then provide the customer with the closest possible match of Neiman Marcus’s products, or a group of matches of the item in the picture. This was announced on August 26, 2015.

The very well known clothing store Urban Outfitters also joined forces with the Slyce platform in order to also do a visual search through their product range. Urban Outfitters is a very well known brand across North America and is very well established. They have a total of 230 outlets in the USA, Europe and Canada. They have a long history which started in 1970 when it was founded.