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Urbana’s Ventures Are Endless

Urbana’s Ventures Are Endless

Staying busy with his areas of interest and obligations, as well as charities, fundraisers and business ventures, is what Jon Urbana lives for. He is a man of great integrity and strives to invest in the community. Whether he’s flying his plane, taking part in a founded charity or teaching youth how to play lacrosse, he is actively taking measures to make the world a safer, better place.

Urbana recently founded a charity that will help raise donations for ARAS, which is a cat shelter that does not euthanize the cats if they do not find adopted homes right away. They will provide a safe home for them until they do get adopted, which is a great benefit to the animals. Jon Urbana is a full supporter of the cause and hopes to continue to raise funds that will help the shelter to provide the necessary supplies to provide for the animals and find a healthy, happy home.

The FAA recently improved their standards for licensed pilots and have recognized Mr. Urbana for exceeding the standards in education and in the medical field. He has become a safe, licensed pilot by the standards of the FAA, which are the standards that pilots have to abide by in order to become licensed. They recommend to always fly with a licensed pilot to avoid tragedy and remain safe with all precautions.

Jon is an accomplished lacrosse player for Villanova who believes in teaching the youth the fundamentals to improve their skills and for them into a possible future Lacrosse player for generations to come. He also teaches them what positions they will be good at, and how to excel in them. His lacrosse disciples will come from the generation and you, and they will be learning from experienced professionals such as Jon.

On top of all of his experience and ventures, he is currently working with a company called Ellipse USA, which is an IPL and laser systems provider that provides different types of laser products for your skin care needs. He is responsible for managing the Denver, Colorado office and they are set to help those who are experience wrinkles, acne and much more.