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Study Links Diet Soda To Weight Gain

Study Links Diet Soda To Weight Gain

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society revealed that, over a nine year span, individuals increased the amount of abdominal fat threefold, as a result of drinking diet soda. The research study assessed data results, from questionnaires posed to 749 participants, that were over 65 years old, as to how many cans of soda they consumed everyday and if they were either regular or diet.

Taking into account the individual’s daily physical activity, if they smoked and had health issues such as diabetes, the data drew a correlation with the gain of abdominal fat. Individuals that refrained from consuming diet soda added approximately 0.8 inches to the wait line measurement, while those that responding that they consumed diet soda everyday added 3.2, and sporadic consumption of diet soda added 1.8 inches to the girth. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG has read that these additions to the waistline were over the nine year duration of the study.

Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Dr. Helen Hazuda, contends that the results are critical and prior research confirms the correlation between additional weight in the abdominal region and type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and inflammation.

Dumbfounded by the unintentional effects weight gain with diet soda, scientists believe that it contains elements that intensify the beverage’s sweetness 200-600 the sweetness of sugar and triggers the body to respond as if it were regular sugar.