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You Love A Snack And So Does Your Pooch- Beneful Baked Delights®

You Love A Snack And So Does Your Pooch- Beneful Baked Delights®


Nothing screams to you like a late night snack. It seems that our dogs seem to pick up some of our habits. They think that if you go to the kitchen to get something to eat, they must have a snack too. Since Purinastore Beneful Delights dog snacks are healthy, you don’t need to worry about letting them indulge.

The oven baked snacks have several flavors to choose from and your pup will love to choose. However, sometimes they like one treat much more than they like another. It helps to have that special treat to use when you’re trying to coax them to do something.

•             Shortbread Cookie with bacon and cheese

•             Shortbread cookie with chicken and cheese

•             Beneful crispy snack with soft centers of beef and cheese

•             Oven baked with soft centers of peanut butter and cheese

•             Crispy crackers of cheese and hickory smoke flavors

•             Made healthy for your dog’s treats

With amazingly balanced nutrition, made with ingredients that are good for your pooch. The dry or wet foods offer omega-rich ingredients and antioxidants.

The Beneful snacks are great, and so are the wet or dry dog foods. There are proteins like beef, chicken, lamb or pork to enhance the flavor and bring the nutrition you expect from Beneful.

The professional team at Beneful takes their job seriously and treats your dog food like they treat their dog food. Their dogs are like part of the family and they know you find your dogs the same way. They desire that you have a choice too.