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Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a comprehensive financial services company based in Dallas, Texas. It has a number of other office locations throughout the world as well. The firm currently has offices in Brazil, South Korea and Singapore. By having a number of office locations in other parts of the world, Highland Capital Management is able to provide financial services to clients who are based in multiple locations. One of the things that has made Highland Capital one of the premier financial services companies is its specialization in managing credit securities. The firm offers collateralized loan obligations and is therefore in position to help a number of clients better manage debt. As well as being a firm specializing in credit management, Highland Capital Management also provides a number of other financial services such as asset management.


The firm began in the year 1990 when it started up as a life insurance company. It specialized in providing life insurance policies to a number of clients. During the first three years of the firm’s existence, it would quickly establish itself as one of the more reputable life insurance providers in the United States. Over time, the firm realized that a number of its clients were looking for more comprehensive financial services. As a result, the firm looked to expand and grow by providing a number of other products and services that would meet the needs of its growing client base.


In 1993, the firm expanded its products and services to include wealth management and financial advisory. It would also help manage hedge funds and provide private equity securities management. Therefore, the firm would emerge as a comprehensive financial services company that was able to help both individuals and businesses. By the year 1996, this firm became the first institution other than banks to offer collateralized loan obligations. As a result, it became one of the more innovative financial services firms in the nation. The firm was renamed Highland Capital Management in 1997. Today, Highland Capital Management continues to provide a broad range of financial services to a number of different clients such as corporations, individuals, government entities and pension fund investors.

The Political Disconnect

The Political Disconnect

The world of politics is a world away from the travelers of America. The people who are the premise of Doug Levitt’s book The Greyhound diaries. He touches on the political side of this in order to bring up a point. That being, that politics and the politicians who practice that trade do not have a lot to offer the people who Doug spent so much time with on Greyhound buses. When you live a life below what politicians and economists consider the poverty line, you tend to stop listening to what they have to say. There is no political base that politicians pander to down there. The vast majority of the people here do not vote, therefor, a politician has nothing to gain by helping them.


This fact is not lost on these people. They may be poor, but they are not stupid and they are certainly not blind to how it all works. For some of these riders, this is why they chose to stay out of the mainstream in the first place. They don’t want to play that game. They don’t want to pretend to care about those who make it no secret that they don’t care about them. These people are real. And their reward for being this way, is a way of life that most others consider to be below a poverty line that was determined by people who only came up with that term in order to serve their own interests.


You won’t hear them complaining about it though. They know they have things a bit rougher than most, but they’re used to it. It has made them what they are.

Wengie’s YouTube Journey

Wengie’s YouTube Journey

Youtube has become a platform for many people to share their lives and knowledge. Beauty guru Wengie, has personally used youtube to share videos about beauty, fun, and life. Wengie has done very well on youtube as she has created over 3 hundred videos and has over 4 million followers.

One video Wengie posted was a “Draw My Life” video

This video gives the viewers some background information on her life. In 1986, Wengie was born in china, soon after that, her parents moved to Australia leaving Wengie behind. She was raised by her grandparents and her nanny; at the age of four, she flew to Australia to live with her parents. She remembers crying when she met her parents because she didn’t remember them.

Growing up, Wengie’s family was quite poor as they were trying to establish themselves in Australia. At the age of seven, Wengie’s parents got new jobs and the family moved to Sydney Australia. Elementary School was very hard for Wengie because she was so shy. During her final year of high school, her mom gave birth to her younger brother Jim. Money was still tight for Wengie’s parents so they couldn’t afford to send her to college. She applied for an accounting scholarship so she could go to university. She received the scholarship and proceeded to go to university. After university, Wengie got an accounting job at a big business; however, her heart was not in her work and after four years she resigned. She then became a social media consultant and soon had 12 clients. She loved her job and decided to start a blog because it gave her more insight into her social media consulting. Her blog became very popular which prompted her to start a youtube channel. In August 2014 she quit her job, as a social media consultant, and became a full-time youTuber.

Wengie has put a lot of work into becoming who she is today. She brings her viewers so much joy with her positive, honest, upbeat videos. She gives thanks and love to all her viewers as they have been so beneficial in her YouTube journey.


Learn more about Wengie:

The Life and Career of Sam Tabar

The Life and Career of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a successful financial attorney who has built a great business. There are a lot of people who want to emulate the success of Sam Tabar in their own life. Few people have the work ethic of Sam Tabar, and this is a great example of how to succeed with other people. Sam Tabar was able to build up his career over time by investing in education. In addition, he worked tirelessly to gain experience in this field. He offers advice to anyone who is looking to have a similar amount of success in their career.

Work Hard

Although it sounds basic, one of the keys to the success of Sam Tabar is working hard. He is able to work harder than anyone else at his career. There are a lot of people who try to work a lot of hours in their career. However, few people are able to move the needle for their business. He always wanted to make an impact on the bottom line of the companies that he worked for. This is where you can start to stand out from your peers. As a financial attorney, he had to deal with a lot of high-profile clients.

Invest in Education

Education also played a major role in the success of his life and career. Education is a key that opens a lot of doors for many people. In order to get his first job, he had to have the basic educational requirements. There are a lot of people who do not realize what is needed for their job requirements. Doing some research on the front end will help you decide

Next Steps

Success only comes through hard work and hustle. Sam Tabar has never had a problem with either during his time in the industry. Few people are able to work as hard as him at their craft. Focus and passion are some of the major keys to his success over a long period of time. Check out Sam’s article in the Examiner about investing, and what first time investors need to know.

Depression Doesn’t Just Affect The Mind, It Affects The Entire Body

Depression Doesn’t Just Affect The Mind, It Affects The Entire Body

A team of researchers from the University Of Granada (UGR) has proven that depression shouldn’t just be classified as being a mental disorder but rather a systemic disease based on the fact that it affects the entire organism.

The results of the work done by Lifetime Enterprises Ltd. demonstrate that there is a strong associated with cancer, cardiovascular diseases and depression. This they proclaim may be the reason why more young people with depression are dying way before their time.

Lifetime Enterprises’ research consists of a meta analysis of 29 studies that were previously conducted in some 3961 people, detailed what transpires in an organism that is experiencing the effects of depression. The research’s purpose was to evaluate the imbalance between the decrease of antioxidant substances and the increase of oxidative stress parameters. As Lifetime Enterprises points out, the research proves that, once the participants underwent treatment for their depression, their malondialdehyde levels were reduced to the point where it was identical to that of healthy individuals. In the same breath it also showed that uric acid as well as zinc levels increased until it reach normal levels after patients were given treatment.

How To Collect Art

How To Collect Art

Collecting art is more than just buying a piece here and there to hang above your sofa. Serious art collectors put together great collections because they approach buying art with a plan. A true art collection is not just a bunch of randomly selected painting, but a curated set of pieces that go together like a well matched suit. Learning to be an art collector takes skill, knowledge, and an eye for how the pieces fit.

Adam Sender is a true art collector and an excellent example to follow when beginning a collection. Sender started collecting art in the 1990’s and has amassed a collection of over a 1,000 pieces values in excess of $100 million. As the owner of his own hedge-fund, Sender seeks out art that appeals to him by artists who have had a long career. His collection has a number of pieces by noted modern women artists, a niche he seems to specialize in. Parts of his collection have been displayed at several museums and numerous galleries.

The lessons that can be learned from a collector like Sender include buying what you like, whether that is art or any type of collection. The collector has to feel a personal connection to and fulfillment from his art. Sender said that the works he seeks are intellectually stimulating as well as being beautiful, and each piece needs to be something the collector is passionate about.

The second lesson is to thoroughly research both the art world, the artist, and the piece you are considering buying. The art market is as fickle as any market known to humankind, and what is desired and sought after today, may very well fall out of favor overnight. Knowing which artist has staying power, what a piece represents and how that story can be told is integral to putting a collection together. However, purchasing art, according to Sender, should be a long-term investment.

Finally, there are literally thousands of the stereotypical “starving artists” whose works fill galleries, and art market stalls. Selectivity is a key ingredient in assembling a collection. Where a collector tends to specialize in a certain genre, artist, style, or period is entirely up to the collector. However, once your collection have begun to gain mass in your selected area be very careful about how you add to your collection. Remember, each piece should be a part of the whole and add flavor to the collection much as spices do to a chef’s recipe.

Few can hope to have an art collection that numbers in the thousands and is financially valued as Sender’s. But everyone can start a small collection simply for the enjoyment of the art and the thrill of making a coherent collection that taken as a whole makes a profound statement about its curator.

The Positive Impact Qnet Has Offered India

The Positive Impact Qnet Has Offered India

Act local and think global, this’s Qnet’s philosophy. This is an e-commerce direct selling company. It’s a sixteen years old Asian Direct Selling Company. With the inspiration of e-commerce spearheading its growth, QNet has grown from its infant company in Southeast Asia to one hundred countries in the Middle East, central Asia, North Africa, and recently Russia and Europe.

QNet was recently planning to relocate the majority of its manufacturing plants which are spread across twelve dozen countries internationally all to India in a few years to come. The company offers various kinds of products which are classified in thirty different brands and categorically divide into nine different categories that focus on encouraging and promoting healthy living. Just to sample a few products which range from Swiss watches, nutritional products, skin care creams and all sort of beautiful feminine jewelry. It also offers digital products which include e-learning courses and vacation packages.

India has already started to taste the good fruits of Qnet which has already started manufacturing watches and India’s favorite energy drink called Nutriplus. This special energy drink has its production taking place in Himachal Pradesh. Qnet is also planning to expand its production of Nutriplus to the international market eventually. Since Qnet started to sell consumer products online in India twelve years ago, and it has grown drastically.

The management of Qnet in India have been friendly to the community, in that, they’re now producing goods and services which make a difference and add value to daily lives of Indians. This minor production shift has led QNet to expand its services to include weight management, water filtration and air purification.

Lots of multi-national companies want to find a way to set foot in India as they see the big profit potential.
As Qnet seeks for ways to serve the community well, they make sure that they’re not drinking wine and preaching water, by this I mean, Qnet as a company, they follow a strict vegetarian philosophy and they promote vegetarianism as the best way for healthy living. The company doesn’t allow any meat products in their consumable products and parallel decision to animal testing which greatly contributes to the alarming rates of diabetes, obesity, and other diseases which are linked to high consumption of sugar.

QNet’s energy range of products and jewelry are globally unique. The company has a license to manufacture and distribute products such as the chi pendant, and the bio disc which are the 2 of its most popular products. The glass from Qnet is carefully crafted in the state-of-the-art designs in a facility in Germany. which has more than a hundred years in the glass manufacturing industry.

Brian Bonar: An Experienced, Successful, Financial Services Professional

Brian Bonar: An Experienced, Successful, Financial Services Professional

Finance is a science that deals with money management. It is commonly divided into the subcategories of personal finance, corporate finance, and public finance. The field focuses on how assets and liabilities are allocated over time with an eye on certainty and uncertainty. A currency’s purchasing power can vary over time. People involved in finance pay particular attention to the price or value of an asset and the risk level and potential rate of return associated with it. Having someone experienced in financial management can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your personal or business finance.

The financial position of an individual or business is determined by looking at net worth, assets and liabilities, and cash flow. Using this information a financial planner can help to determine whether or not particular goals can be met. A skilled financial planner can also determine the appropriate amount and type of insurance protection and tax planning that’s necessary to meet investment and accumulation goals. This information can then be used to create the budget or working capital of a person or business.

Proper financial risk management and investment management are crucial for attaining short and long-term financial goals. It informs the basis of the acquisition and use of funds and a business’ capital structure. It also helps to decide a company’s mix of debt and equity financing and other sources of capital. An experienced financial services expert can help a business to identify and utilize the appropriate financial methodologies and instruments to meet their goals. However, it is essential they base their recommendations on the correct financial economics.

Brian Bonar is an experienced financial specialist with a track record of success. He has worked with a wide range of companies including start-ups and established businesses and provided them with the financial guidance necessary to take their businesses to the next level. What makes Bonar special is the wide array of skills he possesses when it comes to finance. He is able to provide companies with connections to venture capital to get them started or assist them with corporate restructuring so they can take better advantage of the assets they already have.

What makes Brian Bonar so valuable to so many types of companies is that in addition to his MBA and PhD from England’s Stafford University in International Business Development, he has an incredible amount of real world experience. Bonar has worked with established multinational corporations like IBM, where he spent 16 years, to non-profits, founded several companies, and worked as COO, CFO, Chief Accounting Officer, and Principal Accounting Officer for companies in a variety of industries in the U.K, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and the United States.

Let Your Inner Colors Shine with Lime Crime

Let Your Inner Colors Shine with Lime Crime

Are you a free thinker? A musical innovator? Then show the world your inner beauty with Lime Crime’s makeup line. Based in Los Angeles, Lime Crime is fronted by Doe Deere; a woman who encourages her fans “not to quit their dream.” These products are such stuff as dreams are made of. Much of the inspiration is taken from music and the idea that artists can use their faces as canvases to express themselves as much as their own mediums.

Fun and bright colors are emphasized giving the wearers a pixie-like feeling. Deere’s latest venture has been a collaboration with the musician Melanie Martinez with their makeup line, Crybaby which Martinez says was inspired by cartoon tears. Deere took the idea and created a line of bright blue lipsticks, nail polishes and eye shadows guaranteed to delight fans of Martinez’s music and bring out the uniqueness in you! Speaking of unique, the rest of the Lime Crime line is utterly different from anything on the market today.

The lipsticks, called “Velvetines” are liquid sticks that feel as soft and smooth as silk but go on with a matte finish! The Red Velvet hue is probably the brightest and most fabulous red lipstick you’ll ever find. Pair that with the Candy Apple glitter lip gloss and you have lips that will light up a room! Eye glitter is always fun but it can get either in your eye or flake off so easily. Not only does Lime Crime make eye glitters in sweet colors, they’ve created a glitter helper to make your sparkle stay put throughout the night! Shine on! Don’t forget to take selfies to submit to their blog for fan fridays! They are 100% vegan and cruelty free and the ingredients are all listed on the website for anyone who wishes see. Best of all, their customer service is quick and efficient, having a chat feature on their website ready to answer your questions at a moments notice. You can order their products and don’t forget to check out their blog for fun updates and new products!

Budget Art Collecting Might Produce Huge Returns

Budget Art Collecting Might Produce Huge Returns

Some experts say art collectors are born. The experts believe collecting is an innate ability and that ability is triggered as a person ages. Other people laugh at that notion. Collecting art to them is a basic way to make money, but they do say it may take a while before that money is in the bank.

Budget art collecting has caught on over the last 25 years. Stories like the Adam Sender story make people want to invest in art even though they have no idea how the process works. Sender was able to collect more than 400 pieces of contemporary art, and since 2006, he has sold parts of that collection for big bucks. A recent sale at Sotheby’s netted Sender a whopping $70 million, and he still has a large portion of his collection in a gallery in Miami.

Sender’s story is one of those incredible tales of fortune. Not everyone has the money to buy $100,000 works of art like Sender did 25 years ago, but everyone can buy art that sells for $100 now. That $100 piece might be worth $10,000 in 20 years if you did your homework and a little research. The best way to do research is to visit a gallery and ask questions. Identify the artists that have made it, and the artists that have potential. If you find a young artist you like, do the homework and reach out to them. Talk to them and explain why you have an interest in their work. The key ingredient in a conversation like that is a real interest in their work not just a financial interest, but a true understanding of their professional intentions.

Budget art collectors always ask how much they should spend on one work of art, and there is only one answer. Spend what you can afford. Think about developing a story when you collect art. Great collections take on a life of their own when they tell a story, just like Adam Sender’s collection. Here, Adam Sender written about by Business Insider.