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Talk Fusion’s Incentive to Inspire More Productivity from Its Independent Associates

Talk Fusion’s Incentive to Inspire More Productivity from Its Independent Associates

Talk Fusion announced its new luxury vacation plans for their independent associates in Italy and Milan. The announcement, made on November 7th, 2016, was broadcasted on a live companywide cast. Talk Fusion has dated the vacation for December 2017 and aims to powerfully inspire independent associates during the trip, dubbed “Destination Milan.”


Talk Fusion chose Milan as its vacation destination due to its many praises. Milan has a record of hosting high-end shoppers from around the world, offering exquisite Italian cuisine, and sightseeing trips with a rich historical indulgence. Talk Fusion will provide the attendees with air funds to cover the fare and first-class restaurant accommodations. The attendees, who are the company’s independent associates are allowed to travel with their spouses.


The announcement stated that Talk Fusion plans to indulge the team with a shopping of Rolex watches, a fully paid for Mercedes Benz, great diamond rings and vacations to Maui, Tampa, Hawaii, Orlando, Florida, and Dubai. This year, the firm will initiate its plan by touring Dubai between December 1st and 4th.


The 2017 Destination Milan trip will include its present and future associates participating in Talk Fusion’s business strategy, “World’s First Instant Pay Compensation Plan.” The policy is set to grow the company’s business across 140 nations. Talk Fusion’s associates presently receive additional income from marketing the All-In-One Video Chat mobile application product and Talk Fusion’s business opportunity. An independent associate is required to reach the “Diamond” status of the company’s performance by October 29th, 2017, to be included in the “Destination Milan” trip.


The CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, stated that the firm’s recent achievements in the award-winning application and unique business model are an effort of its staff. He added to say that the company has a commitment to continuing the provision of top-rank services and opportunities to its associates and customers. Allison Roberts, the vice president of the business’ training and development program, commented that Talk Fusion makes the dream of their employees come true. She explained that most people dream to travel and spend quality time more often with their families. Allison added to say that, the firm will ensure their associates travel the world and enjoy a lifestyle that they deserve.