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New Technology is Changing How Online Search is Done

New Technology is Changing How Online Search is Done

The Internet has changed significantly over the past few decades. However, one of the most utilized aspects of the Internet has remained basically the same since the introduction of the modern Internet. This aspect is online search. The ability to search online has been and continues to be one of the most popular features provided on the Internet.

Every day millions of searches are conducted online at search engines and other search portals. In addition, the search results have generally been provided to online searchers in the form of text information that includes an occasional topic related picture.

The use of text as the primary form of search results was accepted for many years without issues or questions. However, over the past decade with the influx of new technology innovations that have allowed technology such as video, audio, streaming, online conferencing, and other related technology to become commonplace on the Internet, the use of text as the primary form of providing online search results has become a problem for many online users.

Today many people who search for information online want a better user experience. One of the areas in particular where people desire a better user experience is online shopping. When people search for online products, they typically want to be able to view the products in a manner that will allow them to make decisions based on what is seen online. However, current search technology does not provide the ability to view online products in the desired manner.

As a result, several tech startup companies have been developing technology that addresses the need for better online search technology. The technology uses visual search to provide people with search results that give people more than simple text and basic pictures. Visual search technology allows people to view search results in a manner that is closer to real life situations.

One of the tech startup companies that is making a significant impact in this technology area is Slyce. The company provides technology that gives online products an almost real life appearance. Slyce uses recognition software and aspects of real life objects to generate search results for online products.

The technology developed by Slyce is available to retailers and e-tailers. In addition, the technology is available on both mobile and desktop devices. Slyce is one of a growing number of tech startup companies that are making a difference in the online search arena with new and innovative technology.