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How Julie Zuckerberg Has Taken Executive Recruiting To The Next Level

How Julie Zuckerberg Has Taken Executive Recruiting To The Next Level

Julie Zuckerberg is a corporate executive recruiter who has worked her way into the top levels of her profession. She lives in the area of New York City and during her career has recruited executives at some of the most well-known companies in the world. She has also developed specialized knowledge and talents that surround the field of executive recruiting. Zuckerberg has also used her years of experience in the field to develop an extensive, global network of professional contacts in order to find top-level recruits.

Zuckerberg attended City University of New York- Brooklyn College where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy. She also attended New York Law School. Her first job in the field of recruiting was at Hudson where she was the Director of Candidate Placement for 5 years. During her time with this company, she recruited legal positions for law firms, financial institutions, and other corporations. Among the professionals that Julie Zuckerberg recruited were lawyers, case managers, paralegals, and their support staff. She worked with each candidate in order to provide them with information about jobs she was recruiting for including benefits, the work culture, and what opportunities for advancement the company offered.

In 2007 Zuckerberg pinpointed an opportunity to advance in her career and earned the role of Vice President, Executive Recruiter, North America Professional & Executive Recruitment for banking giant Citi. At Citi Zuckerberg developed her skills to recruit executive level personnel. She also honed her skills on recruiting strategies and researched talent and compensation trends. She was responsible for developing job offers which included complex issues such as equity buyouts, deferred rewards, and clawbacks. She also gained extensive experience in international recruiting and the issues that arise such as relocation and immigration.

It was in 2013 that she joined New York Life Insurance Company as Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead, Corporate Vice President. During her time with this insurance firm she managed the recruiting process with recruiters and sourcers reporting to her as she led them as a team project manager.

In April 2014 Julie Zuckerberg landed at the international Deutsche Bank as the US Talent Acquisition, Executive Recruitment Lead. She leads executive recruiting efforts for all of Deutsche Banks U.S. operations including Infrastructure, US Asset Management, Global Technologies & Operations, as well as Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients. Part of her job at the bank is to inform senior executives on issues such as best recruitment practices and hiring governance. Additionally, she provides her staff with strategic vision as well as coaching and mentoring them.

Outside of her career, Zuckerberg has developed a number of hobbies and interests. She loves photography and not only takes her own photos but attends art galleries that have photo exhibits on display. She also enjoys discovering new food and exploring new technology, as well as spending time with her pets. She enjoys spending time volunteering her time for various charitable causes. She also enjoys sharing her life on social media, including the great pictures that she loves to take.


Helane Morrison Unconcerned About DOJ Corporate Scrutiny

Helane Morrison Unconcerned About DOJ Corporate Scrutiny

I read with interest of the new scrutiny the federal Department of Justice (DOJ) has been giving corporations to make sure they are operating above-board and ethically. The DOJ has just appointed Hui Chen as their compliance counsel, a position that never existed before, to my knowledge. They also published an important document, called the Yates Memo, that reveals plans to start criminal prosecutions of those executives responsible for corporate crimes. Most prominent in the DOJ’s cross hair are the corporate Compliance Officers. It is more important than ever that these key people do there jobs ethically and completely to reduce corporate risks and blind spots that could end their corporations in hot water with the Justice Department.

As I understand it, a company’s Compliance Officer can be personally held accountable and even imprisoned for company misdeeds, even if they were not personally involved. To me this seems like the DOJ swinging a big stick to force good Compliance Officers to do their jobs. This is no problem for known good Compliance Officers, such as Helane Morrison, whose track record in business ethics is impeccable. Many people in such positions or that have been considering such as career path are quitting or losing interest in the job, because of the pressure they feel personally under such scrutiny by Hui Chen and her new department’s powers to have them help responsible, no matter what the actual cause of corruption in a company may be.

Hui Chen should probably thank Helane Morrison for her new position, in my opinion, because Helane is the SEC officer who was instrumental in bringing the rogue Wall Street robbers to justice when the unprecedented corruption there was discovered in 2007. She became a model for enforcing proper corporate ethics that Chen can learn from. After that horrendous mess that put our country’s economy in jeopardy, Helane Morrison left the SEC to become the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners.

Morrison began her law career as a clerk for Supreme Court Associate Justice Harry Blackmun. She had clerked for Richard A. Posner before that, who was a Judge at the U.S. Court of Appeals. She spent 10 years practicing law with the firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Find out more on Helane Morrison.

The Inspiring Doe Deere

The Inspiring Doe Deere

A unique and vibrant make-up collection called Lime Crime have been creating a splash inside the cosmetic world. Developed by a remarkable business woman named Doe Deere. This innovative fashion and makeup lover is a former model from Russia. Doe came to the United States to live out her dreams of making it big in music. Once she realized her natural gift for creating unique colors for cosmetics she developed Lime Crime. She has many followers and is also known as the Unicorn Queen this is why her packaging has unicorns on it.

The collection presents Unicorn Lipsticks which feature vivid colors like neon purple, milkshake pink, and metallic green. The Velvetines which is Liquid to matte lipstick which is really glamorous creation. Including shades like glowstick orange, deep red, and 90s brown. She developed a bright and vibrant cosmetic collection which features bold and vivid colors which are not found in conventional brands of make-up. Doe is a whimsical kind of business woman who empowers all her fans. What makes Lime Crime so special is the colors that it offers. Vibrant and rich in pigment is what you will find when you enter the Lime Crime online store.

The Carousel Gloss is filled with fantasy having a glass like finish. A fantastic glitter shimmer embedded in the gloss. Colors range from green glitter to pink red rainbow sparkle. For your eyes you will find the Venus Grunge Palette featuring 8 colors that are matte and pearl shell glows. The liquid liners are loaded with innovative exclusive colors like lime green, silver, and purple. I just appreciate all of the punk rock pastels which are all through this assortment of cosmetic products.

Doe Deere knows what her customers want and strives to create the most stunning and bright colors. I like all the information that is available on her Pinterest boards like beauty tips and the latest makeup looks. Also hair trends is something you will be inspired by when visiting the Lime Crime online store. Doe specializes in the new and different when it comes to makeup. She is on the cutting edge of cosmetics and many makeup lovers find products from her brand that are not offered in others.