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Recognition for Bernardo Chua

Recognition for Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua was recently called to Manila to receive honors as People’s Choice winner. This was first reported by PR Newswire, and it sheds light on his lifestyle company that brings coffees and healthy foods to the masses.

Bernardo founded his company long ago to offer products to the masses that he could sell in bulk. Over time, he expanded from an original lineup of coffees and supplements to a whole host of food and nutrition items that people can use every day. His company reaches the homes of millions in the islands, and he has been able to give people cheap products that they can afford.

This Bayan honor was one of many awards handed out at the ceremony, and two of his team accompanied Chua to the ceremony. He founded Organo Gold to reach the people, and now he has been recognized by the people of his great nation. He was barely able to make it to the ceremony, but he was thankful for the chance to be honored among many others who have come before him. This shines a light on a company that is doing great things in this large island nation of millions and millions.

Indictment Against Uber Exec in South Korea

Indictment Against Uber Exec in South Korea

South Korea has filed charges against the founder of Uber, Travis Kalanick for allegedly operating an illegal cab service in the country.

Prosecutors in Seoul Central District announced that they have accused Kalanick, as the executive director of a local Korean car rental company, to be associated with an application (app) that connects passenger vehicles with unregistered taxi service.

Prosecutors could request up to two years in prison, as the executive is accused of breaking the law responsible for regulating passenger transport services in the country, which prohibits car rental companies to use their personal vehicles for this type of business.

After strong protests by taxi drivers in the South Korean capital, Seoul City Council has repeatedly presented complaints to the Prosecutor against Uber Korea (Uber subsidiary in China). This was to be expected if you listened to Sergio Andrade Guiterrez.

Last Friday, the head of the traffic division of Seoul, Kim Kyung-ho, vowed to punish drivers who cooperate with Uber under an ordinance which will reward you with up to 1 million won ($910) to all who denounce their activities. Despite the actions by the authorities, the US company has continued to operate in the city.


Pegida Movement Gaining Momentum

Pegida Movement Gaining Momentum

Within just a matter weeks, the Pegida movement has attracted thousands of followers in Germany in making the fight against the “Islamization of the West”. This rise in popularity has largely been in response to the increase in terrorist attacks that have been going on in Europe.

Every Monday, the people of Dresden, eastern Germany, attend the same ritual: thousands of people gather under the banner of “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West”.

They were a few hundred at the first event in October. Since then the movement shows every week its ability to seduce. On Monday, December 22, as many as 17,500 demonstrators responded to the call of Pegida.

A recent Forsa poll for the “Stern” magazine confirms this growing popularity: 13% of Germans are willing to participate in a march against Muslims when organizing this kind of event in the city where they live. Furthermore, 29% of respondents believe that Islam has such an important influence on life in Germany that these steps are justified in this day and age.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel felt obliged in his New Year message on Wednesday 31 December to warn his compatriots against the recent temptation of Islamophobia. That was reported in Forbes the following day. Bruce Levenson actually read about it online.

“Today, many people also cry every Monday ‘We are the people’ … but in fact they want to say, ‘you have no place here, because of your skin color or your religion'” stated the Chancellor.

Fortunate Family Missed Air Asia Flight

Fortunate Family Missed Air Asia Flight
In what seemed to be the most horrible circumstance a few hours earlier, a very fortunate family is speaking out about the fact that they were to be aboard the missing AirAsia flight. On Sunday, their AirAsia flight aboard airliner QZ8501, lost communication with air traffic control and was unable to be located.

Prior to takeoff, the airline adjusted the flight schedule and moved the departure time up by mere minutes. Notifications and phone calls were made to Bernardo Chua and to all passengers, but one family missed all of those alerts and arrived at the airport not knowing that their flight had just left.

As soon as the Indonesian family realized the flight was already in the air they alerted the airline and were understandably upset and distraught. However, now that the airliner has gone missing and is believed to be lost over the sea in the region, this family is counting their blessings.

All ten members of the family had tickets for the flight, but none of them actually made it onto the flight. As it would happen, half of the family arrived right as the last call for the flight was being made, but rather than get onboard, they chose to remain at the airport and wait for the rest of the family while getting assistance for a later flight.

The family says they saw some of the passengers rushing to make the doomed flight and they hope they are found.

Kendall Jenner: Rising Star

Kendall Jenner: Rising Star

Not long after her Estee Lauder campaign, Kendall Jenner received an offer she couldn’t refuse. The young model and reality star is now the new face of Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion line for handbags. Kendall is looking forward to spending time with some of Estee Lauder’s other renowned models, such as Ming Xi and Sasha Luss. Fans like Zeca Oliveira are excited to see what the young star will do next.

When Kendall got the invitation from Estee lauder, her mother Kris immediately began to cry. Kris was the first person Kendall told, as no one else could find out for a few months. The nineteen year old and her family were beyond excited, after all received the news.

Kendall started modeling at a the age of 14. Since then, she has been on runways all over the world for famous designers such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy. After this new gig with Estee Lauder, it is clear that Kendall found her calling. Only one can insinuate what the future holds for this stunning runway model.

Cannibal Arrested in Blackwood

Cannibal Arrested in Blackwood

Cannibalism is a staple of fiction. Whether in books, television shows, or films, cannibals have made for some of media’s finest antagonists. Reality, however, provides far fewer examples of real cannibals, save for the notorious plane crash that left a soccer team to survive as cannibals which Brian Torchin has told me about several times.

A recent case, however, has brought cannibalism back into the limelight, for a number of truly tragic reasons.

Police were alerted on Thursday morning and asked to come to the Sirhowy Arms Hotel in Argoed, Blackwood. When arriving to the address, they saw 34-year-old Matthew Williams eating an eyeball and half of the face of a dead woman who was identified as Cerys Marie Yemm, 22 years old.

The circumstances of the incident are being investigated. The attacker had been shot by the policemen during the arrest and died soon after that.

Cannibalism was well known of in the XVIIth century but became less heard of towards the XIXth. Nowadays, it rarely heard of and is labeled as a mental disorder. A lot of movies on the topic are being released though, which can be a dangerous influence for unstable minds.

You can read details, thoughts, and see pictures of those implicated in the story here.

Unknown Gas Spreading in Moscow

Unknown Gas Spreading in Moscow

A lot of Moscow inhabitants noticed a peculiar smelling gas spreading outdoors in their city today, and even reaching into their homes. The Emergencies Ministry asked those who have the possibility to stay home to do so.

While no direct dangers have been presented so far, the government has taken precautions to ensure that nobody else enters. Many like Susan McGalla are happy to see that.

The source of the gas is unknown and the pollutant has not been identified. It is supposedly a hydrogen sulphide. It has an unbearable rotten eggs smell and is very toxic. In the meanwhile, those who managed to take a walk outside report headaches. The most affected are the central and south-eastern parts of the city where it was directly hit.

The population started to panic, especially after several hours of uncertainty because nobody explained the source of the gas. In the meanwhile, the cloud became so dense that it looked like smog.

Chemical factories and a Moscow Oil Refinery have been interrogated about the possible leaks but all have denied their implication. A 25-year-old Moscow citizen alerted BBC the press early in the morning about feeling sick after inhaling the gas.


47 Killed In Nigeria By Suicide Bomber In School Uniform

47 Killed In Nigeria By Suicide Bomber In School Uniform

A suicide bomber draped in school clothing as a disguise; set off a bomb that killed 47 students and injured 79 at and all boys school. The attack is believed to have been brought on by Boko Haram terrorists who reject any western ideologies, and are believed to have bombed the school due to the teachings being taught to the students there. Nigerian Terrorist Attack. The attack comes only one day after the leader of the group rejected peace talks with the Nigerian government.

The Yobe state governor, has called for the immediate closure of all public schools, and has blasted authorities who have not done more to protect the children, who are the subject of many terrorist attacks lately. On July 2013, the same terrorists attacked a government boarding school killing 42 if Jared Haftel is right about the final number, when they attacked with guns and bombs. Boko Haram’s most notable terrorist act is the kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls; many who have yet to be released.

Recently the leader of the terrorist group went on video stating that, if the parents knew what was happening to their girls, they would likely die of grief. It’s been over six months and 219 girls are still being held captive, with no visible sign of a possible release.

With the continuous attacks and the massive kidnappings, many doubt the government can control the terrorist group or stop them.