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Gangnam Style with Kim Dao

Gangnam Style with Kim Dao

Australian Youtuber, Kim Dao, made an overseas trip to South Korea in late 2016. Starting off at Haneda Airport in Japan, she grabbed a quick lunch consisting of a simple, hot soup. She then boarded her flight and displayed short clips of her window view over the course of the trip.

Her arrival destination was the city of Seoul. It was there that Kim met up with her friend, and fellow Youtuber, Sunnydahye. A couple of swipes on the smartphone exhibited selfies taken together as part of catching up. A known Pokemon fanatic, Kim Dao gravitated toward Pokemon themed cookies that had Pikachu, Squirtle, and Pokeball designs. At Gangnam Station, she made purchases of Pokemon themed makeup. She noted that the shopkeeper was excited upon seeing her as she was wearing a Pikachu sweater. Aside from the quick shopping, the first day was mostly uneventful.

On the second day, Kim Dao journeyed back to the popular Gangnam shopping district. She met up with another Youtuber friend, Bambigirl, for lunch. A short montage followed featuring a garden scene, smoothies, sushi, and more Pokemon related products.

Back home at her Airbnb, Kim Dao ended the video by recapping her second day.

Watch Kim Dao’s First Day in KOREA | Shop in GANGNAM Ft. Sunnydahye & Bambigirl.

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